Swiffer Continuous Clean Filters

The Continuous Clean filters are made with Swiffer patented triple layer technology that will Trap & Lock™ dirt, dust, and dander* to help keep room surfaces clean 2x longer. 

  • Includes 2 filters
  • Average filter life is 30 days of continuous use or when filter life indicator pattern is visible on the top of your filter
  • Filter Identity Chip denotes authenticity of replacement filters
  • Compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 generations of the Continuous Clean
      • Filter Identity Chip is not necessary for 1.0 (can be left hanging)
      • Product will not work without inserting the Filter Identity Chip in 2.0
  • UL Approved for the US and Canada
  • Item Dimensions: 13" x .25" x 15.0" (LxWxH) 

* Inanimate allergens from dust matter and pet dander