Why Clean Your Air?

For a cleaner, happier, and healthier home.

The Swiffer Continuous Clean™ specifically designed to help keep room surfaces cleaner, giving you more time to enjoy your clean home between cleanings.

Clean less often with this air cleaning system. It continuously circulates and cleans air throughout the room, so surfaces stay cleaner. Dust and dirt are trapped and locked away before settling on your furniture and floors, so you can go longer between cleanings.

Whisper quiet operation for all day use. Competitive products are noisy and can disrupt conversations and household activities. That’s why the Swiffer System operates in near silence, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and nurseries. 

Patented Swiffer technology uses triple layer filtration to Trap & Lock™ away dirt, dust and allergens* throughout the room, helps each breath you take in your home to be fresh and pure. It’s great for people and pets alike and can help reduce indoor allergens* that may trigger asthma and allergies.

Keep costs low with replacement filters that sell for a fraction of the cost of more expensive HEPA filters.

*Inanimate allergens from dust matter and pet dander.