Where do I get replacement filters?

The Swiffer Continuous Clean™ filters are packaged in sets of two and are available on Amazon.  


How do I know when to change my filter?

The Swiffer Continuous Clean™ filter will become noticeably darker as it collects dirt and dust from the air.  A decorate pattern will show through in bright white while the rest of the filter appears dark and dirty.  When this pattern is boldly visible, in approximately 1 month depending on dirt and dust levels and size of the room, it is time to change the filer.


Does the Swiffer Continuous Clean™ Air Cleaning System freshen the air?

The Swiffer Continuous Clean will help freshen the room by continuously circulating the air but it is not intended to remove odors from a room.


How does the Swiffer Continuous Clean™ Air Cleaning System compare to a HEPA filter? 

The Swiffer Continuous Clean Air Cleaning System is a new type of product addressing a problem that home owners have been facing as long as there have been homes – how to keep room surfaces clean and dust-free.

This product is not geared toward capturing the smallest particles that are often attributed to allergy and breathing issues.  HEPA filter products that capture these particles use expensive filters, and require high-pressure fans that are noisy and have high electricity costs to operate.

The Swiffer Continuous Clean Air Cleaning System uses a unique filter made of genuine Swiffer material.  This material is designed to Trap + Lock™ dirt, dust and pet dander without creating a high back-pressure.  It is virtually silent, and uses only 3.5 watts of electricity (less than a night light) so it costs less than 2¢ per day to operate!  Filters last about 30 days depending on air quality, and cost just $5 to replace.  The result is that our device runs continuously 24/7 to effectively capture dust before it can settle on room surfaces.  This means homeowners can clean less often, giving them more time to do the things they love.

Note that while a HEPA filter will remove 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, odor, mold spores, and pet dander that flows through the filter, when we interviewed hundreds of product owners they told us that they do not run their HEPA devices continuously – they only run them when they feel like they need them.  This is due to the noise, high cost to operate, and expensive filters.  When used this way, most of the room air does not actually circulate through the filter, and efficiency is closer to 66%.  By operating continuously the Swiffer Continuous Clean can provide excellent results without the noise, expense or hassle!